Logo sign finally finished


It took a very long time but our make-shift DIY logo sign is finally up!  It's been quite the journey getting the darn thing finished and on the wall so we thought we'd share a bit of behind-the-scenes goodies here.

We wanted our circle logo on that wall, but we want the taproom to be as versatile as possible so we wanted to make sure the sign was really lightweight so we could pop it down any time we wanted a blank wall for something.  But we also wanted the logo really freaking big.  Like dining room table big.  And preferably we wanted to spend only as much as was in the change drawer behind the bar.  :)  An impossible task!?  Nope!  (Thanks to Pinterest and duct tape.)

First, we bought some big pieces of foam board at Menards and drug it back to the brewery while it was flapping around in the truck (while it snowed).

Next, we projected the design on to the foam boards and then used a Sharpie to draw in the lines.

Then we borrowed Molly's dad's saw and Molly got to use her first-ever power tool!  Worked great.  Very exciting.  Purple foam lint freaking everywhere.

We were shocked it didn't look awful.  

Then it was time for a beer.

The most labor intensive part of the process was that we covered the whole thing in duct tape.  We wanted to 1) make sure the two pieces of foam board stuck together and 2) create a crazy texture and 3) didn't really think about any other ideas besides duct tape.  We'd probably do something different if we were to do this again.

Last step was to cover the whole thing in several generous coats of random paint that was laying around.

And then it was done!  

We lost track but we think it cost around $40.  Not bad!!!

We'll replace it with something fancy whenever it falls apart.  For now, please enjoy our small business shoe-string budget mega sign.  We kinda like it!