Fat Hill goes to Scotland!

Q: “What if we were to do a beer vacation THROUGH the brewery and invite anyone who wanted to travel with us to come along?”

A: “That might work! Let’s do it!”

Owning a small business is about learning new things so last year we got this BIG idea and decided to go for it. We learned a lot through the process and are very grateful for our dream team of travel agents and tour companies (Allen Travel of Clear Lake, Rabbies Tours International in Scotland and Scots Beer Tours in Scotland) for making it happen for us!

We spent ten days with 16 people touring Scotland in a loop from Edinburgh to Inverness to Mull back to Edinburgh, taking in historical sites, lots of pubs, brewery tours (Traquair House, Black Isle, Born in the Borders, and Allanwater), a distillery visit, and much more. We got rained on, sort of chased by sheep, were overfed, laughed a lot, and all got home safe and sound on schedule. A huge ten days but we had a great time.

Let us know if there’s a corner of the world where you want to drink beer next! We are currently exploring options for our next trip and might do another one in a couple years.

Some things we learned in Scotland:

  • Black Isle Brewery’s dog is named Jake

  • The Lochness Monster is shy

  • Bottles of whisky don’t last long when shared among 16 tourists

  • The longest stretch Mull went without rain this summer was just 30 hours

  • The 4th pint of Bellhaven Black tastes just as good as the first

  • Never fight the British army on an open field!

  • 2% of the whisky aging in barrels evaporates each year. They call this “the angels’ share”

  • Ian Oswald is a coward and a liar (whoever that is…it was written on a bathroom stall in Tobermory)

Thank you so much to our wonderful travelers! What a fantastic group!