FHB Grain + Local Critters


What happens to the brewery's leftover grain? 

We get this question a lot so we thought we'd share a few fun facts. We use 300 to 800 pounds of grain every brew day, which leaves us with about twice that weight in heavy, wet spent grain that we don’t have a use for. Our solution? Carl and Marcia Ginapp's very hungry livestock!

The sheep

This 200-strong herd of katahdin sheep, shown above at their home outside of Rock Falls, love our protein-rich grain, Carl says. The herd produces about 350 lambs a year. 

The cattle

The Ginapps also have six crossbreed steers, which are "raised the way grandpa used to," says Carl.  Their balanced diet also includes FHB grains like the sheep and they are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.  (Carl says if anybody needs beef to let him know, as he will be making locker dates for the steers over the next two months.  Please call/text Carl to reserve your share at 641-425-0592.  $2 lb per hanging weight.)


We love that our grain has this second life, especially because it's with a small hyper-local family-owned business like ours.  Very cool!  And don’t worry, good people of Rock Falls, there will be no mobs of drunken sheep or cattle!  Spent grain contains no alcohol.

(Photos by Carl Ginapp)