Belgium 2020!


Why Belgium? For a small country, this place has so much going on! Castles, a giant cave system, chocolate, cheese, lace, WWII history, mountains, canals, bike paths, palaces, amazing architecture, sophisticated international cities with great museums... and I haven’t even gotten to the beer yet. Unlike Germany where there has been historical restrictions on how beer is made, Belgium never had any rules, so Belgian beer is creative and diverse. There’s breweries run by monks and nuns, family-owned hundreds-of-years-old farmhouse breweries, small new craft enterprises, big international industrialized facilities, and a lot of places that have a unique specialty - one thing they do SO well they won’t bother with anything else - lambics, for example. Besides *drinking* beer, there’s lots of cool beer-related stuff to see in Belgium, like breweries of course (3 brewery tours included, more if you’d like on your own), the Hop Museum in the famous hop-growing region of southern Belgium, and the 1698-constructed Brewers Guild Hall in Brussels, which looks like a palace!

Want to learn more? Call the bank at the number above or come to our Belgium trip preview on Monday, November 11 at 6 PM. (Doors open at 5:30 PM)