Big menu change

Tims Honey.jpg

Way back in summer 2016, long before we even opened, we issued a survey on our Facebook page asking you all what beers you were most interested in. The most popular response? Beer made with locally-sourced ingredients. Supporting Iowa producers is very important to us, too. Over the years, we've gotten more involved in the local food scene here, especially through Healthy Harvest of North Iowa events, Brewer Jake's work on the Farmers Market board, and our farmer friends. We've decided that if we really want to be an advocate for local food and local producers, we need to put our menu where our mouth is: a local ingredient on tap all the time. To that end, our flagship beer list is getting an overhaul next week. The Honey Kolsch, made from our bartender Tim Huey's Nora Springs beehives, will be on tap year-round. Our flagship Blonde Ale, which has been with us from the beginning, will transition from year-round to seasonal availability to make way for this change. We hope you die-hard Blonde fans will find a new favorite in the light/smooth/summery so-delicious Honey Kolsch. Cheers to all the local food producers who work so hard! We're toasting you with our new menu.