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Brewery Book Club: Bottomland

Join us for the 5th meeting of the FHB book club!  We meet once a month at the brewery (3rd Wednesday of each month, at 7 pm) and anyone is welcome to come or not come based on their interest in that month's book. No commitment, no stress...just a chance to learn something new, share your opinions, and meet fellow supernerds. The book discussion is lead by our resident bookworm and brewery co-owner, Molly.

May's book is Bottomland by Michelle Hoover, which is also the 2017 All Iowa Read.  All Iowa Reads are organized by the Iowa Center for the Book, the purpose of which is to "foster a sense of unity [among Iowans] through reading."  

Based on a real life story of the author Michelle Hoover's grandmother, the book begins in Iowa in the wake of World War I. It was described in the Minneapolis Star Tribune as "a mystery wrapped in isolation and ethnic fear ... an atmospheric and engaging tale."

The book is available in paper, Kindle, and audio formats.  Brewery book club members are eligible for a 20% discount on book club books at Book World in Mason City.  

About Bottomland

At once intimate and sweeping, Bottomland follows the Hess family in the years after World War I as they attempt to rid themselves of the Anti-German sentiment that left a stain on their name. But when the youngest two daughters vanish in the middle of the night, the family must piece together what happened while struggling to maintain their life on the unforgiving Iowa plains.

In the weeks after Esther and Myrle's disappearance, their siblings desperately search for the sisters, combing the stark farmlands, their neighbors' houses, and the unfamiliar world of far-off Chicago. Have the girls run away to another farm? Have they gone to the city to seek a new life? Or were they abducted? Ostracized, misunderstood, and increasingly isolated in their tightly-knit small town in the wake of the war, the Hesses fear the worst. Told in the voices of the family patriarch and his children, this is a haunting literary mystery that spans decades before its resolution. Hoover deftly examines the intrepid ways a person can forge a life of their own despite the dangerous obstacles of prejudice and oppression.