Weddings, etc. 

Congrats on the engagement!  Enjoy this exciting time in your lives together!


We hope you'll keep Fat Hill Brewing in mind while you're planning your wedding and wedding-related events.  We can host weddings/receptions, post-wedding 'survival' brunches, bridal showers, engagement parties  -  you name it!  We also can provide awesome beer for your off-site wedding reception and our merch makes awesome bridal party gifts.  See below for more details on all these!

Because we don't close down for private events, we book private events (like weddings, etc.) any time we're not open to the public (in general this includes Saturday mornings before noon, and Sunday - Tuesday all day).  There is no booking fee for private events if your bar tab reaches $500 (not including tip).  Please email to ask questions or to reserve your date. (Private events are done in 4 hour time slots, including setup time, so for elaborate events, more than one time slots may be needed.)



We think our brewery is a great place to get married or have your wedding reception.  (In fact, FHB owners Jake and Molly had their wedding here in November 2016, right before FHB opened to the public.)  

Although a little nontraditional, we think Sunday afternoon/evening would be a great time to get married and celebrate!  FHB currently has table seating for around 115.  Our absolute max capacity is 140 due to fire code, including staff.  We don't have food ourselves but we can recommend lots of great caterers.   Set-up for your Sunday wedding would be the day-of, so consider going light on decorations (we think the beauty of our building speaks for itself) or doing just one big statement piece that could be mostly made ahead of time and some sort of small accents on the tables.  (Just FYI, we'd rather not have decoration stuff attached to our walls, and glitter anywhere is a no-go because it’s impossible to clean up.)  Your photo shoot could be in the afternoon before your ceremony/reception.  The afternoon light in the brewery is gorgeous.  

If you want to really lean in to a craft-beer-wedding theme (ask Pinterest...this is a thing), may we also suggest:

-  hops, wheat, or barley in bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, or decor flowers

-  bridal party gifts from our merch (pint glasses, totes, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.)  

-  your wedding cake/cupcakes/donuts etc. be made with our beer or other beer, food menu include items cooked with beer


-  craft beer themed save-the-dates and/or invitations (Etsy right now is really into cutesy phrases like "love is brewing" "hoppily ever after" and "something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed")

-  use a site like Traveler's Joy to register for a craft beer themed honeymoon 

Post-wedding pre-reception party bus mad dash beer stop

Do you and your wedding party have time between the ceremony and the reception? We are open Saturday afternoons, so swing by for a beer! Warn us ahead of time and we’ll add staff to make sure you get in and out quick if you’re on a time crunch.

Post-Wedding Sunday Morning Survivor Brunches

If you get married on a Saturday, why not have a brunch the day after and open presents at the brewery?  Get an awesome caterer (we have several recommendations), open gifts, and send guests home with some crowlers if you'd like! Wedding receptions are often a bit loud and crowded and as a bride/groom, you might not really get to talk much to all your guests, especially the folks who don’t want to party hard into the night and may leave early. Brunches offer the opportunity of relaxed one-on-one conversations with people who might have traveled really far to see you…and everybody needs to eat before they leave town anyway. It’s a great time to gather up all the rental tuxes, Airdrop photos from the wedding with each other, and all the other little miscellaneous post-event tasks too!

Bridal Showers or Couples Showers

The brewery would be a great spot for a Sunday morning brunch traditional bridal shower or a couples shower on a Sunday afternoon would be really fun too.  Get it catered or do pot luck and dig into your presents! If you’re having a small come-and-go shower, the brewery is often sparely populated on Saturdays in the early afternoons. We can line up a long line of tables on our north wall for you and you’ll have the brewery mostly to yourself until the crowds start to come in around 3:30 PM. Please email us ( about the Saturday afternoon option so we can make sure nothing else is on our calendar that afternoon.

Engagement Parties

Instead of a big reception, throw a huge engagement party instead and then elope somewhere fabulous.  You still get to celebrate with your friends and family but the pressure is way off.  We recommend a fancy Sunday night soiree at FHB, with a small band (we have recommendations if needed) and awesome catering.  

Kegs for Off-site Weddings/Receptions

Having your wedding somewhere else but still need awesome beer?  We can sell you all the kegs you need.  If you have a very specific beer in mind, please contact us well in advance of your big day.


Have questions?

Email us at and someone will get back to you within a day or so.  We know planning a wedding can be pretty stressful at times...we just went through it ourselves, so we know what you're going through and will try to make it as easy as possible for you to get your plans in order!  We'd love to hear your ideas for you big day and share some of our own.  Congrats on the engagement!




Most photography on this page was from Jamie Orr Photography.