FHB Writing Group July Meeting


We were thrilled at the turnout for our first three writing group meetings!  We have so many genres, experience levels, and ages represented.  We've had great discussions and everyone was so enthusiastic about writing and learning new things!

Everyone interested is welcome to submit a short writing sample for discussion in July.

If you'd like to submit a writing sample for the group to discuss, email it to Molly at FHB (molly@fathillbrewing.com) before midnight on June 28th.  She will email out the whole packet to the whole group the day after so the group will have that whole week to read the submissions.  In order to avoid millions of emails to the group, Molly is going to be strict about that submission deadline.  

Submissions should be 1 - 3 pages double spaced and no longer, please, since so many people will be submitting.  If your submission comes from the middle of a larger piece, it might be good to include a paragraph of introduction to get people into the story.  If your piece has explicit content, please say so at the top as some of our members might want to pass on that.  The exception for that page limit is Mary who is our "spotlight" submitter this month.  She is welcome to submit something longer.

If you don't want to submit writing, that's ok!  Feel free to please come to the meeting anyway to discuss the other submissions.

Note that we changed our monthly meeting time to 6:30pm instead of 7pm.  

In July, we'll also having a casual discussion about your tips on how you push yourself to be your most creative.

If you didn't come to the first three meetings but are interested in joining the group, you are more than welcome.  Please email molly@fathillbrewing.com and she will make sure you have the submissions that we'll discuss at in July.

We created a Facebook group for the members to share little things or links or whatever they'd like in between meetings.  Here's the link to that:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/FHBwriting/