Speed Friending


Meeting new people sometimes can be tough, especially as an adult.  Maybe you're new in town, maybe you work odd hours, maybe the people at work aren’t friend-able, maybe everyone you meet already has a clique.  We have come up with this speed friending event as a super easy way for you to do some fun, casual networking with Mason City-area folks.  It's free, no-pressure, all ages 21+ are welcome, and no contact info is exchanged (unless you and your new friend take that initiative).  The more people you know around town, the more it feels like home-  trust us on that!


Here's how it works:


Thursday, July 20

6 PM - 7 PM-  Sign up at the bar to be included in speed friending and get your name tag

7 PM-  You'll be given a starting place to either sit or rotate from.  (They'll be conversation prompts at your table if you need them)

7:05 PM- 8:00 PM -  You'll talk to whomever you're sitting with for exactly five minutes, until we ring the bell, repeating until you've chatted with everyone at speed friending or until it's 8:00 PM

8:00 PM-  Stay and chat if you'd like with all your new friends


Questions?  Email molly@fathillbrewing.com.