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We serve beer in our tap room in pints, half pints, or 5-ounce taster glasses.  Flights are available in sets of four 5-ounce tasters.  To-go beer options (for most of our beers) are growlers (64 ounces) and crowlers (32 ounces).  We will fill growlers that are brought in, but only if they're clean.    


Blonde Ale - 4.6% abv - 12 ibu
A classic easy-drinking ale, brewed with three varieties of light malt from around the world to create complex but inoffensive flavor sure to please the masses.

American Wheat - 4.5% abv - 10 ibu
This crisp, clean, refreshing ale shows off the subtle flavor of the mighty wheat kernel by using clean-fermenting American Ale yeast and light hopping schedule, allowing the classic wheat flavor to pop through.

Robust Porter - 6.3% abv - 23 ibu
Five specialty malts come together in this dark ale to create a roasty, toasty, flavor that reminds you of coffee, caramel, and dark chocolate.

IPA - 6.1% abv - 61 ibu
Oh baby, this hop-monster showcases an explosive aroma of Centennial, Chinook, and Belma hops to make a fruity, resiny, dank beer, all balanced by the crisp bittering of Columbus hops.

Scottish Ale - 5.1% abv - 17 ibu
This smooth red beer flaunts two caramel malts with a guest appearance by a few other specialty malts to make a big, sweet, satisfying taste.

Rongorongo IPA  - 6.7% abv - 31 ibu
This hazy juice-bomb of a beer assaults your taste buds with tropical fruit flavors, coming from two massive dry hop additions of Mosaic, Denali, and Idaho 7 hops.  Low bitterness.

NZ Pils . -  5.5% abv . -   30 ibu
This dry hopped-lager balances the tropical fruit, lime, and white wine flavors of Nelson Sauvin and Moteueka hops with the bready, biscuity flavor of Pilsner malt. 

Milk Stout  -  4.6% abv - 21 ibu
Back by popular demand, our Milk Stout is on tap today at 4 PM! The dark, complex flavor of this beer comes from a lavish amount of four different dark malts, all balanced by the sweetness of lactose sugar. Lactose is an unfermentable sugar commonly found in milk, hence the name. This beer contains no actual milk, but we still think you might want to pour it over your cereal in the morning.

Hibiscus Saison  -  4.8% abv - 29 ibu  
Ten pounds of dried Egyptian hibiscus flowers team up with intensely-flavorful Belgian yeast to create a floral, fruity work of art, painted on a subtle but study canvas of Pilsner malt. All those flavors lead to a snappy, dry finish.

Hyperbolic Numerals Double IPA  -  8.4% abv  -  42 ibu
This mega-juicy double IPA uses a zillion pounds of Galaxy, Bru-1, and Simcoe cryo hops to take you on a lupulin-driven adventure. Your taste buds will be treated to umpteen fruity flavors, like melon, clementine, and strawberry. Those massive flavors and aromas are balanced by a luscious mouthfeel, created using a few bags of wheat and oats in this infinitely deliciously brew. 

Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Hibiscus Saison  -  6.7 abv  -  29 ibu
What happens when you put our Hibiscus Saison in a French oak Chardonnay barrel for 5 months? Magic! The subtle vanilla, butterscotch, and residual wine flavors of French oak serve as the perfect balancing act for the cherry, raspberry, slightly earthy hit of the Hibiscus Saison we used as the base for this beer.  This beer will be available in our tap room in 5 oz or 10 oz pours while our limited supply lasts. We'll also have a limited-edition, special-label, special-sized crowler run (750 ml) of exactly 100 and no more for $20 each. No growlers. Limit 3 per customer per day.

NEW:  The Polish Peach  -  2.6% abv  -  30 ibu
A little bit of peach, a little bit of smoke, a lot of delicious. We used 125 lbs of peach puree and a touch of all-natural extract to balance the smokey, crisp flavor provided by the oak-smoked wheat malt used for 87% of the grain bill. This beer is a nod to the Grodziskie, a classic low alcohol Polish beer style. Tasting it is like being on a crazy flavor kolejka górska (roller coaster in Polish):  fuzzy fruity ripe peach to start, then roasty earthy smoke, ending with a dry snap.  


Cider & Root Beer

Wilson's Orchard Cherry Crush  
A very cherry hard cider
One of the fruit world’s unsung heroes is the humble tart cherry. Not a stand-alone showboat, they instead combine with other foods to bring magic to all kinds of fine dining. Our cherry crush cider mixes the rich flavors of tart cherries with the mildly sweet background of hard apple cider. Just enough cherry to think summer, just enough hard apple cider to keep it interesting glass after glass.  Alc 4.5% by vol

Wilson's Orchard Goldfinch
A slightly sweet hard cider
At Wilson’s Orchard, we grow over 100 varieties of apples. To make Goldfinch we started with Goldrush, a stupendous apple which combines tannins and tartness in a tasty yellow package. To that we added several sweeter apples to produce a full bodied cider with enough tang to keep it interesting and a hint of sweet to keep it going down smooth.  Alc 4.8% by vol

1919 Root Beer
1919 is brewed in small batches in New Ulm, Minnesota, by Schell's Brewing Company with only the finest ingredients (real sugar and real vanilla).  1919 is alcohol-free and contains no corn syrup, gluten, or caffeine.


A note about wine:

Although we do not sell wine ourselves, you're welcome to bring in wine for a corkage fee of $1.  Please come up and see us at the bar to have it opened for you and to get glasses (tulip glasses).  Wine is the only outside beverage that is allowed to be brought into the taproom (outside of our monthly bottle share events).