Fat Hill itself does not sell food but we have the occasional food pairing, pop-up restaurant, or food truck. In our same building, near the back door, there is a kitchen owned by our landlord. It’s shared by two great businesses, Cafe Mir and the Cerro Gordo Pizza Company.

Cafe Mir

Wednesdays, 5 PM - 9 PM


Cafe Mir sells pizza by the slice and salads. (Check out their Facebook page to see if they’re coming each week, as they are taking a break during the fall of 2019.. They announce their menu Wednesday morning if they’re coming.)

Cerro Gordo Pizza Company

Thursdays/Fridays, 4 PM - 11 PM

Saturdays, noon - 11 PM

Cerro Gordo Pizza Company sells pizzas and giant pretzels. This is the current menu:



Both Cafe Mir and Cerro Gordo Pizza Co are a separate business and not owned by Fat Hill, so please order from them and pay them directly. Direct all your questions to them as well.

Can we bring food into the brewery?

This is permitted and encouraged! Please consider bringing plates/forks etc. as well as we do not provide these. We suggest getting delivery or take-away from any of the great restaurants downtown.