We feel very privileged to occupy 17 N. Federal, an address with such a long history! Our Fat Hill Brewing amateur historian (Molly) has enjoyed visiting the history folks at the Mason City Public Library to learn a little bit more about our building and its location. 

North Main 1908 Wright 02.jpg

Our building was constructed in 1925 to house S. S. Kresge's dime store (a late Victorian era building was torn town to accommodate it, which is shown above) and later was remodeled in 1938. After Kresge's moved out, the building was occupied by Kinney Shoes and again remodeled in the 1960s. The building housed Damon's Too and the Diamond Store, among others, after Kinney Shoes left.


During 1938 remodel

This is the back part of the building.

This is an article about the remodel in 1938.


After 1938 remodel

When we moved into the building, we had to enlarge the big door put in 1938 so our tanks could get through.

1949 50th Anniversary Sale ad for Kresge's. Check out those prices!