FHB Team Holiday Party


We love our staff here at FHB and we were so glad we found a quiet Monday night everyone could get together for a belated holiday gathering. Beyond the food and beer, this party was a bit special — your favorite bartenders competed against each other in a series of escalating beer-related challenges!

First, the Slow Pour Challenge. The winner is one with the highest foam, and because we don’t mess around, every beer was measured with not one but TWO levels.


Next up, the Find the Rongorongo Mystery Flight Challenge! We had stocked up with different hazy IPAs the day before so wanted to see if we could trick the staff into not recognizing our beloved NEIPA. Everyone found it though. Darn it! They’re just too good.


When you’re a bartender, feats of agility and precision are important! So the next challenge was the Keg Cap Toss. Harder than you think, especially when Brewer Jake makes a tiny keg at the end worth the most points!

We also tested our team with a FHB beer trivia contest and challenged them to list the current taps in order from one one to sixteen.

Thanks to our wonderful team for all they do every day! It was so fun to torture you with all these challenges.

And we guess the Christmas Card picture for next year is ready! Nice work, everyone! ;-)